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Kickboxing is an increasingly popular sport which has evolved from a number of different martial arts styles. Despite its obvious links with boxing and full-contact combat, this really is a sport for all; from men and women to children and those of you who are unfit to the more athletic or experienced.

All ages are welcome. For children aged 6 to 15 we specifically hold Little Demons classes. These are held separately to the adult classes.

At Demons Kickboxing, while learning the skills and techniques of kickboxing, you will discover a wider set of benefits including increased fitness levels, more confidence, self-belief, discipline and, of course, fun.

Our students come from all walks of life and their motivation for joining is varied. Some come to learn techniques that will help with self defence, others come for the fitness and social side of things. It’s also a great form of stress relief after a hard day.

Typical classes incorporate stretching, drilling, speed work, bag work and sparring. This will build fitness and develop skill while encouraging increased confidence.

We all need goals in life to keep us motivated and at Demons it’s no different. Whatever your reason for joining – whether it be general fitness or a passion to learn kickboxing techniques – you will also have the opportunity to take part in gradings. This will be a chance to put the skills you have learnt to the test and have your hard work recognised. Students can choose to progress in the direction that’s best for them, choosing if and when to grade.

At Demons, we hold gradings every three to four months and our sessions will help to build students up, working towards these gradings. When you successfully complete a grading you will receive a certificate and your belt. This is a great way to monitor your progress and see real achievements.

Kickboxing Club, Maidstone

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