Becoming a member of the club is easy. Just complete a membership and licence form which will be given to you once you have attended four training sessions. This gives you time to settle in, to see if kickboxing is for you and whether you want to join the club. On completion of these forms you will become an official member of Demons Kickboxing Club.

Membership is free and the annual licence is £18 for Little Demons (children) and £20 for adults.

Licences are an extremely important part of any martial art. All students must have one as they are a form of insurance against injury.

With a sport like kickboxing it’s important that you have protective-wear which is designed for the type of full contact you’ll experience in the sessions. This as well as uniforms, pads and gloves can all be bought through your instructor.  Although these can be bought in your own time, you will not be allowed to take part in a grading without full uniform.

Kickboxing Club, Maidstone

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