Little Demons & Cadet Demons

By starting young, children learn invaluable skills that stay with them forever. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and social skills, Demons Kickboxing Club can develop children aged 6 to 13 years-old, both mentally and physically.  Our children’s classes are split into Little Demons for ages 5 – 8 and Cadet Demons for ages 9 – 13.

The club has been running since 2006 and gives children a fun, friendly and safe introduction to kickboxing. Students are encouraged to train as a family – caring for and helping each other.

The sessions are carefully planned out and children will learn basic co-ordination skills and combinations, with a focus on fitness and discipline. A large part of our Little Demons classes also involves playing games and having fun as this is an important part of the Demons culture.

Children will only practice the basic kickboxing techniques on the pads and bags and we help them to understand that they cannot use anything that they have learnt outside of the class.

Grading is a key part of our Little Demons & Cadet Demons classes as it encourages self-improvement and enables instructors to monitor students’ progress. Gradings are held approximately every four months and all students have the opportunity to take part.

When Cadet Demons’ students reach 13 they are able to go to the senior classes which cater for both teenagers and adults. However, this will only happen when both the instructor and the student feel they are able to handle the change.

Kickboxing Club, Maidstone

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